Franzisca and Stefan Weder introduce their new communication consulting agency.

Klagenfurt, May 12, 2010 – The new communication consulting agency Die Wederei has just opened its gates in Klagenfurt, Austria. Franzisca and Stefan Weder manage their “manufactory“ for communication and PR: Franzisca teaches communication and PR at the Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt as Assistant Professor, Stefan has more than seven years of practical working experience at German and Austrian agencies. Together they provide the perfect combination of theory and practice, as Stefan Weder, Managing Director of Die Wederei, explains: “We talk about communication on a day-to-day basis – and from now on, we offer our joint expertise to companies both large and small. Our clients benefit from profound communication experience and our large network.”

“Manufactory for communication, working place for holistic communication consulting” – this is how the two communication experts subtitle their agency. „A manufactory used to be a place where special knowledge was pooled and various crafts consolidated. And that is exactly what we do. The only difference: we do not manufacture a product but communication“, Weder explains the intention behind the naming.

Panoramic view on communication

More than five years – from 2004 to 2009 – Stefan Weder has been working for the former number 2 PR agency at the Austrian market: Hochegger|Com located in Vienna, advising international companies like Telekom Austria and HP concerning their communication strategies. He maintains that “social media and the hype around this topic revived the term ,public’ in Public Relations. Only those who jointly consider different communication disciplines and coordinate communication activities in a strategic way can be in a position to utilize the full potential of modern public relations.”

Franzisca Weder who focuses on organizational communication, network analysis and media ethics in her academic research adds: “The basis of all communication is network structure, both in the organizations themselves and their entire environment. We want to reveal this, identify unused potential and utilize it. That is why we see communication management as closely linked with network management.”

The portfolio of the new agency is built up accordingly. Strategic communication takes centre stage. Based on company, environmental and network analyses the two communication experts develop qualified communication concepts and implement the individually adapted PR and marketing activities for the respective companies. The services range from product and brand PR to issue management and social media relations. Special communication services are provided by a network of specialized partners – perfectly consistent with the original definition of a manufactory.

German-speaking countries targeted

Die Wederei has chosen the German-speaking countries as their targeted market. Therefore Franzisca and Stefan Weder build on their competence attained from their past journalistic and PR experiences in Germany and Austria. “As native Germans based in Klagenfurt, Austria, we organically cover these two markets only by that,” Weder states. Klagenfurt offers an additional advantage of location, he adds smiling: “Lots of sunshine, beautiful lake Wörthersee and ‘Kasnudeln’, the traditional Carinthian dumplings. Taken together, these are powerful arguments attached to a natural environment made for creativity and passion, made for good ideas and professional communication.”

About Die Wederei

Die Wederei is a manufactory for communication and PR, a working place for holistic communication consulting led by Dr Franzisca und Stefan Weder. Companies can rely on a special combination of theoretical and analytical knowledge combined with practical communication experience. Strategic communication takes centre stage. The services range from product and brand PR to issue management and social media relations. Further information on Die Wederei is available at

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