Two year of R&D is what add-e put into developing its e-bike upgrade kit that instantly converts a pushbike into an e-bike without nearly be seen. When introducing add-e to the market via a crowdfunding campaign in early 2015, the Carinthian start-up relied on the communication and media expertise of Die Wederei.


add-e is a Carinthian company based in Villach producing upgrade e-kits for pushbikes. Only weighing two kilograms, these small helpers produce up to 600 watts of additional biking power for the ones who do not like to sweat too much.

Website: www.add-e.at

Fit for Indiegogo

To get the crowdfunding campaign running and create additional media buzz to push sales, add-e relied on the communication skills of Die Wederei. After strategic considerations concerning timing and organization of possible communication activities, setting up a comprehensive press kit was in focus. The press release related to the Indiegogo campaign marked the starting point of the media work supporting the successful campaign and add-e’s success.


Strategic communication consulting
Media work