Alps-Adriatic works differently!

Coworking – it’s not just a trendy word but the description of a special mindset and life-work-style. More and more young professionals, creatives, start-ups and entrepreneurs get together in an office to exchange thoughts, learn of each other and cooperate. To give these people a platform was the goal of the European-funded initiative “Alpe Adria Coworking”. Amongst other measures, this resulted in an online platform – with texts from Die Wederei.

Alpe Adria Coworking

Alpe Adria Coworking is an initiative build around the coworking community in the Alps-Adriatic region. The website forms the central communication and information hub, gives an overview over all coworking spaces within the region and show what is happening in the community between Alps and Karavanks.


Platform formed

To push the topic coworking was central for the cross-border and EU funded initiative “Alpe Adria Coworking”. Alongside numerous exchange activities between Slovenian and Carnithian coworkers an online platform formed the central measure within this project. Being an active coworker and part of the community, Stefan Weder was responsible for the content put on the initial website in German and English language.


Online communication