The UX in communication

If you look for experts creating the digital future, you can’t get around Illustree. The Vienna based UX design studio accompanies its clients on their way towards a sustainable digital tomorrow. Illustree doesn’t stop with screen design. It’s the team’s passion to create lifetime experiences for the users – and bring them closer to the companies it works for, no matter if it apps, websites or online platforms. As innovative as its solutions were, as hard it was for Illustree to get its own messages straight towards its target groups. That’s the reason why the UX experts called Die Wederei. What started with an ambitious workshop focused on communication strategy, quickly turned out to become a highly creative process towards a streamlined positioning. The result: A crystal clear idea of what to communicate to whom.


Illustree is a design-driven innovation studio in Vienna. It creates digital products and solutions that go beyond screens. Illustree drives successful businesses in designing theier digital future and helping them on their way to digitally transform themselves.


Focusing the brand essentials

They design more than screens, the Illustree UX experts. As creative problem solvers, they design digital products. Digital products that work. And even more: They design experiences, transform the company performance into experiences that count. Digital touchpoints get created, digital touchpoints that people like to use. And that bring forward the companies offering these touchpoints. And all that needs to be communicated? An oversupply of messages needed to be streamlined, the focus needed to be set on the brand essentials. For that, Illustree relied on Die Wederei. A workshop straightened the different perspectives towards common objectives and helped grinding towards a clear positioning and structured messaging. Further discussions after that sharpened the Illustree profile and led to a comprehensive communication strategy including specific ideas on how to communicate the appropriate way to reach the targets.


Strategic communication consulting