Lift-off for better harvest!

Drones conquer Europe. And KIM RemoteSensing is right in the thick of it. The Carinthian start-up with Italian roots uses these innovative flying machines equipped with multispectral and thermal cameras to scan vinerys or fields. The pictures taken are analysed by using special scientific methods submitting hints for optimized agriculture. Hints in terms of sales oriented communication for KIM’s market entry in Austria were submitted by Stefan Weder and Die Wederei.

KIM RemoteSensing

KIM RemoteSensing is a specialist for researching and analysing agriculture areas with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, so called drones. These are equipped with innovative sensor and camera technologies scanning the area from above. This results in a specifically coloured map showing the diversity of the whole area. With this in hand, KIM clients get informative data to sustainably optimize their agriculture.


KIM lifts off

Die Wederei consulted KIM RemoteSensing in all matters of communication, starting off with comprehensive communications consulting for the market entry in Austria. This created the foundation for further communication task like brochure texting and localization of existing marketing material focusing on translating the highly scientific terms into understandable texts for KIM’s main audience. Die Wederei also consulted KIM on its first direct marketing activities in Austria supporting to set up presentation meetings in wine-growing areas.


Strategic communication consulting
Marketing support