Quality service provider for quality

metras is quality. metras takes care about quality. metras creates quality. The Klagenfurt-based specialist and service provider for everything around standards, processes and accreditation for both companies and organisations has quality in his blood but not in his communication, meaning it communicated a lot of messages without a clear line. To get that messaging straight and to push the right messages, metras relied on the Wederei’s expertise. A strategy workshop was used to streamline the communicative positioning.


metras is a full service provider in accreditation and a reliable expert on companies’ paths to quality labels. In being that metras analyses internal porcesses and implements management systems based on the ISO standard. With comprehensive offerings from personal coaching to metras academy courses, metras covers whole services around accreditation.

Website: www.metras.at

Focusing a clear line

metras is well-positioned, a true expert in its field. Who wants to implement quality management within his or her company might very likely chose the Klagenfurt-based service provider. But that’s not the whole story. metras offers a lot: accreditations, cerifications, consulting, trainings, books, a methodology for implementations. Over the years, a bunch of services arose and grew over the brand core. It was Die Wederei’s job to analyse the situation, dig deep and work out a clear communication line. Step by step, it needs to be implemented in existing communication materials and channels like website or newsletter.


Strategic communication consulting