New timing

Time cards was yesterday. Today’s time recording is digital. mobil-data started off in the eary 2000 years to recreate the market. The PR agency Hochegger|COM and Stefan Weder as client lead supported the start-up with strategic communication and media work.


mobil-data was an IT start-up focusing on mobile time recording. It developed and sold its own software solution but wasn’t successful. The company is not existing anymore.

Complex things put simply

To explain software isn’t the easiest task. It’s better to give your audience a hands-on experience to let them have a look at the features and possibilities of a software. This was the approach Stefan Weder used working on the account for the PR agency Hochegger|COM. Starting off from a comprehensive communication strategy that was build up for mobil-data, targeted measures were set, mainly media interviews and workshops. Expert articles in IT business magazines and medialization of the main event of the year, mobil-data’s own “mobile working day” concluded the media work for the IT start-up.


Strategic communication consulting
Media work
PR events