Do you understand, software?

As Stefan Weder started taking over the communication agenda of ScanSoft (today Nuance) at the PR agency HBI in Munich, speech recognition had not yet grown up. But it should become the “next big thing” within the upcoming years. Today, speech recognition technology is to be found in nearly every smartphone. ScanSoft’s solution was called Dragon Naturally Speaking – and Stefan Weder took care with targeted PR measures that ScanSoft’s success within the German-speaking countries reached new heights.


Nuance (formerly ScanSoft) is a leading solution provider for intelligent systems simplifying communication of people and machines. The Nuance applications and software solutions are used by millions of people and companies every day.


Creating a (media) foundation

That speech recognition software would conquer the IT market one day, was already prognosticated by experts in the early 2000 years. Stefan Weder did his bit with targeted communication measures in the German-speaking countries to strengthen the awareness and various possibilities of products like ScanSoft’s Dragon Naturally Speaking. The focus was on media work including press events and editorial tours as well as communication support for ScanSoft at the international IT fair CeBIT in Hanover, Germany.


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