At the right place at the right time!

Car manufacturers know it best. Car parts need to be at the production line at the right time. Two things are mandatory to reach that goal: a professional supply chain and a comprehensive software solution. Quintiq is a solution for the latter. The software company takes care that planners got everything under control and can adjust its supply chain where needed. To support Quintiq starting off in the German-speaking countries, Stefan Weder adjusted the communication strategy while working on the PR account at the PR agency HBI – adjustments for a successful market entry.


It’s Quintiq’s goal to solve every planning challenge occuring at a company with a single platform. The comprehensive software suite optimizes ressources and process planning.


PR (processes) optimized

To professionally support Quintiq’s market entry in the German-speaking countries in terms of communication, Stefan Weder developed an individual communication concept at the PR agency HBI which strongly focused the people behind the software. The goal was to raise awareness for the hard-to-explain-software via the expert knowledge of the people who are responsible for it. Therefore, media interviews and editorial tours were in focus.


Strategic communication consulting
PR conception
Media work