Smart, smarter, Samsung!

They are allrounders, the Samsung smartphones – technologically leading the market being no 1 in sales worldwide. But that wasn’t always this way. The rise of the South Korean brand was stunning. Stefan Weder made his (PR) contribution to the strong today’s positioning of Samsung’s smartphones, TVs or signage solutions while working on the account as client lead within the PR agency Konza Integra for more than three years.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics is a global technology leader creating new possibilities for people all around the world. Samsung wants to change the world to a better place using TVs, smartphones, PCs, printers, cameras and household appliances by striving for innovations.


Worldwide technologies in Austria

If smart technologies find their way to Austria, it does not automatically imply success. Being a brand like Samsung helps. It still is important to localize international news, international campaigns and content to local habits. PR measures need to be matched with marketing and social media communication, no matter if it is smartphones or B2B solutions that are in focus. Stefan Weder comprehensivly consulted Samsung throughout the communication agenda, planned and implemented PR tasks like media work, crisis communication, product PR and social media support. One of the highlights of Stefan’s work for Samsung within his years with the PR agency Kobza Integra was the communication support of the project “Samsung Power Sleep” that was awarded a nomination for the Austrian PRVA-Staatspreis.


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