Chip intelligence

That computer chips and electronic systems do what they are supposed to do, they need their components to put in the right order, the right design. To develop that, a smart software solution is needed. And that’s where Synopsys comes in. The electronic design automation specialist leads its market, and wanted to get better known in the German-speaking countries. So Synopsys turned to the PR agency HBI. Its consultant: Stefan Weder.


Synopsys develops software solutions and services for the semiconductor industry, especially for the chip design. The US-based company covers the whole electronic process from design to verification and the development of integrated circuits.


Work with your target group!

Most of the people are not interested in how a chip looks like. It should work, nothing more, nothing less. It’s the same with PR for IT specialists like Synopsys. Its product information is interesting for just a small media community. With that in mind, Stefan Weder consulted Synopsys while working at the PR agency HBI. The focus of Synopsys’ media work was based on electronic media and the suitable localization of international material as well as the organisation of tech background workshops.


Media Work
PR events