Smart design for cardboard enthusiasts!

the thinKing designs furniture made of cardboard. Especially stools. The clou: Everyone can become a designer, design and order his/her unique cardboard stool. Die Wederei supports and consults the royal Carinthian start-up in all matters regarding communication. Even there is no tech inside on first sight you find an underestimated IT feature at the thinKing: the online design configurator which allows cardboard enthusiasts to design their own furniture.

the thinKing

the thinKing is a young start up based in Klagenfurt developing and producing furniture made of cardboard. The stool thinSeat is the first creation out of the royal portfolio. Furthermore, the thinKing also distributes cardboard products of other designers.


From stools to a cardboard kingdom

It all started with a stool. And the idea was born, the idea to establish a cardboard kingdom. In early 2016, the design manufactory the thinKing started its conquest for Austrian living rooms with the go-live of its online platform. Die Weder stood side by side with the start-up and supported the thinKing’s external communication including strategical consulting as well as CD/CI consulting and texting up to media work.


Strategic communication consulting
PR conception