Get me on your mobile!

Who doesn’t know this: Standing in front of a famous Monet painting, but all you get is the title and the date on a plate next to the art piece. xamoom is the solution that provides you with more information. The software solution connects places and objects with the web, offers its clients a simple mobile information platform to bring content to all the smartphones in this world. In working with Stefan Weder and Die Wederei, xamoom simplyfied its texts focused on technology features and tailored it to the information needs of possible clients.


xamoom offers mobile location based services for everyone, especially for companies or organisations with great ideas but only few IT knowledge and small budgets. xamoom brings content to smartphones and therfore clients closer to the respective company. xamoom is the optimal mobile content platform for museums, at fairs or in the tourism industry.


Precisely talk to your future clients

To target potential clients as precisely as possible is vital to every company – and therefore for xamoom as well. In a workshop, the Carinthian start-up questioned and sharpened its own communication strategy before putting hands on website and sales brochures.


Strategic communication consulting