New office, new ideas, new momentum. Two months of coworking meant two month of hard work and fun for me.

What eventful months. A lot of things happened in the life of a sole proprietor. In my life. Two months ago I started working in the coworking space Hafen11, since two month I am father of three, since two months I run on adrenalin. Let me tell you: I love it. It’s been a while since I had so much fun working, experienced such exciting things in such a short period of time.

Open-minded and cooperative
I do not know the exact reason for that feeling – and there might not be one. But there is one thing I know for sure: The decision to move my office from home to a coworking space was quite important for my well-being. It not only frees logistically but also in mind. It offers an alternative and still leaves the possibility to work from home if the private situations demands it. Ok, I need to admit that I have not found the right balance between family and the “new” business life. But I am working on that. And I like to work on that.

Speaking of freed: I remember talking to a lot of people and friends since moving to Klagenfurt more than four years ago. I wanted to get a better understanding of Carinthia, its businesses, its economic background, its communication landscape. And wanted to put into perspective everything you heard about Carinthia via media while living in Vienna. Unfortunately there was not much to put into perspective. The negative outlook, the general pessimism about the Carinthian future the media communicated was essentially confirmed. Now I feel like something is changing. Don’t ask me why but I feel a positive, forward-looking breeze that waves through the air in the southern part of Austria.

Another element adding to that feeling: cooperation. It’s growing, steadily. I meet more and more people having enough of this “only me” attitude. I had a lot of different email addresses, different business cards in my life so far working with different people, agencies, designers, online professionals. Like a good mariage there are ups and downs. But I would not ever again want to change this cooperation model. You learn together, you grow together.

Free your mind
I go around Klagenfurt with a freed mind, a positive attitude and a big grin on my face. As it is getting colder and darker each day approaching winter, I need to adapt logistically. What to do when your bicycle was stolen and bike riding feels like an Antartica expedition? I walk. Everyday from home to my office. 25 minutes. 25 minutes I allow myself. 25 minutes that free my mind, give me time to form concepts for which mostly is not enough time during working hours. These 25 minutes are my personal CreaWalk, my brainstorm with myself, for me and for my clients. Solely armed with a tiny notebook and a pen. And ready for the next big thing. Or a cooperation. Or an even better feeling.

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